Property for sale in Novarese

Novarese' is the term that defines the province of Novara bordered by the rivers Sesia, Ticino and even Po and including the whole of Lomellina. The provincial capital is the city of Novara, named Novaria by the Romans in 196 B.C., whose symbol is the majestic dome of the 121-metre-high Basilica of San Gaudenzio, built by architect-engineer Alessandro Antonelli. The Novara area is also well known agriculturally for the cultivation of rice, maize and vines, in fact some of its municipalities derive the names of Doc and Docg wines such as Ghemme, Boca, Colline Novaresi, Fare and Sizzano. Densely populated, culturally rich and blessed with natural beauty, this area is full of fascinating and modern properties that you will find for sale on our website. Take a look.