Property for sale in Borgomanero colline

The bright green of the woods and vines enhanced by the gold of the rice fields, the sinuous landscape and the Monte Rosa massif on the horizon. We are talking about Borgomanero and its hills, an earthly paradise for slow life lovers. With its rustic tradition, this area is in fact exceptional for those who know how to appreciate the simplicity of small things, spend the right time and make a virtue of them. Just as a grape is turned into fine Nebbiolo and other world-famous DOC and DOCG wines, so the precious grain of rice grows from the calm water and the local bees produce delicious acacia honey. Enjoying the pleasures of the palate and losing oneself in its evocative landscapes is the true way to understand the essence of Borgomanero and its surroundings, embraced by the serenity that only the hills can instil.;