Property for sale in Alta valsesia

Located in the province of Vercelli and surrounded by the most evocative four- thousanders of the Pennine Alps, Alta Valsesia is the perfect choice to immerse yourself in tradition and authentic nature. Known as ‘the greenest valley in Italy’, it is the ideal destination for hikers who want to explore the uncontaminated magic of the Alta Valsesia Natural Park - the highest park in Europe - or glance over the panorama from the Capanna Regina Margherita refuge at 4.554 meters of altitude. During the winter season, the landscape turns into a snowy dream and a great spot for ski, snowboard and mountaineering enthusiasts. At this time of the year, fellow free-riders will fnd snowy utopia in Alagna. Moreover, Alta Valsesia’s valleys ofer the customs and traditions of the Walser community and a full mountain experience, from sleeping in a mountain hut, breathing the crisp air and tasting the local gastronomic specialities; amongst them, the unique Toma cheese produced by the historical dairy farm in Piode. Alta Valsesia is the perfect place for wonderful walks, visits to alpine villages and tranquillity, protected by the mountains and surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, in any season.;